Types of property valuation appraisal. Individual and mass evaluation.

The main task of the appraisal property valuation is to form a reasonable decision on the request value of the object for the customer. Such an assessment implies that an independent expert will work with a large object. In this case, the evaluation report, the conformation of which is a laborious and responsible work, will be further than 100 runners, plus additions. This system is applicable when collecting the estimated characteristics of a structure, or a large number of demesne, whose price is in the hundreds( or millions) of thousands ofdollars.However, it’s recommended to simplify the procedure, If we’re talking about a standard apartment that costs several thousand bones.

property valuation

The valuation of medium- sized real estate belonging to the casing stock is carried out using a simplified system, which is grounded on a comparison of request prices. The usual methodology( comparison of objects with analogous rates and characteristics) has an indispensable- comparison of deals. The procedure means that the expert will conduct an analysis with the collection of statistics of analogous deals that don’t depend on limited information on the request. Since the number of objects of this class is relatively large, a system grounded on the analysis of a huge quantum of statistical data is suitable then. This logical work gives the implicit to identify the fine dependence of the cost of dealing real estate on its parameters and characteristics number of storeys, number of demesne, area, vacuity of dispatches, position,etc.
therefore, it’s possible to make a model for determining the cost, depending on the factual parameters of an apartment, house or property valuation, as near as possible to the request situation. Since the so- called computation formula is formerly in place, the reliance can be applied to estimate other objects. By conforming the value of a particular property to the dependence with the applicable computations, as a result, the experts admit the estimated value of the object.

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